Courses and Course Registration


For current offerings and timetable information please search for courses by logging onto BearTracks at You can login as a Guest or with a current campus computing id and password. The Department of Educational Psychology offers courses with the following prefixes: EDPY, EDIT and EDU.

Complete course descriptions may be found in the current University of Alberta Academic Calendar under the course listing section. Please Note: courses may not be offered every year.

Course Registration


To register, you will require: 

Current University of Alberta Student Status

    • Unsure? Contact the Office of the Registrar and Student Awards. 
    • Newly-admitted students may start registration on the date outlined in their official admission letter 
    • Continuing students receive an e-mail to their University of Alberta e-mail account advising them to check their Enrollment Appointment panel in Bear  Tracks. This panel contains the date continuing students are eligible to start registration.

Your U of A Student ID number

Find this 7 digit number:

    • on the back of your ONEcard
    • in the e-mail message sent to you from the Office of the Registrar and Student Awards
      on your letter of admission

Problems? Please ensure that:

You meet all restrictions 

    • stated in the Class Notes found directly under the Class listing in BearTracks

There are no financial holds (e.g. fines with the Library, Parking Services, Residence Services, Financial Services) on your record

    • We do not have access to register you if you have a hold
    • A spot will not be held open until you clear your hold

You have met all necessary prerequisites and corequisites for courses

    • listed in the current University of Alberta Calendar 
    • Think you have an equivalent? You must:
    • submit a completed Course Pre-requisite Waiver Form PDF Document signed by the course instructor, along with your request form
    • if you’ve taken prerequisites at another institution, attach a photocopy of your transcript from that institution to the waiver form before submitting it to the instructor for approval
      Note: an approved waiver form does not guarantee registration

You may request to be manually registered in a course if

    • you cannot register through BearTracks
    • the course requires Consent of the Department
    • the course is Closed to web registration


Requests are processed in the order they are submitted with these priorities:

Undergraduate Students:

    • Faculty of Education students have registration priority
    • Students from other Faculties, Undergraduate Special students, and Open Studies students, will be considered after all Education students have been registered, space permitting

Graduate students:

    • Educational Psychology Graduate students can register for courses at the 500-level if the courses are on their Plan of Study
    • All 600-level courses are restricted to Educational Psychology PhD students
    • All other Graduate students require Consent of the Department PDF Document

Once a course is filled to capacity:

    • The Department does not have the ability to add more available seats 
    • The Instructor's permission does not guarantee registration if the course is full


We require your written (or electronic) consent:

    • for registration  
    • for any changes to your registration
    • Note: We cannot accept any requests by telephone


    • Undergraduate Courses, email:
    • Graduate Courses, email:


To request to be manually registered in a course, complete the appropriate Course Registration form

Submit it to our office for processing

  • Undergraduate Courses:  6-102 Education North; or by email:
  • Graduate Courses:  6-102 Education North; or by email


Students are responsible for:

  • ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their registration 
  • adhering to deadlines for dropping and adding courses
  • ensuring all requirements of their program are met
  • consulting with their advisor if they have questions about their program
  • becoming familiar with university regulations