Ethics Requirements

Academic Integrity and Ethics Training Requirement for Graduate Students at the University of Alberta

In accordance with FGSR Council policy, graduate students admitted for September 2004 onward, in all programs, will be required to complete a minimum of eight hours of academic integrity and ethics training. The majoirty of course offerings within the Department include formal instruction on ethics, however, because of the diversity of our program offerings the Department has decided to ensure that all students receive the same fundamental ethics training.

FGSR Graduate Ethics Training (GET) Course

Master's students (all programs) will:

  1. Complete the WebCT academic integrity and ethics training course provided by FGSR (five hours)
  2. EDPY 501 Introduction to Methods of Educational Research is a required course for all master's students that includes a lecture specifically designed to address research ethics and readings for discussion.

Doctoral students (all programs) will:

  1. Upon entry into the doctoral program, students will be provided with a required reading list that will provide the foundation for a comprehensive, essay format, candidacy examination. Readings related to academic integrity and ethics will be included in each programs reading list. If  new to the University of Alberta, the reading list may include the WebCT academic integrity and ethics training course provided by FGSR.

Monitoring Procedure

All master's students will be responsible for providing proof of completion of the WebCT course in the form of the documentation provided upon successful completion of each test. Completion of EDPY 501 will also be documented. Successful completion of the written candidacy examination will provide the proof of completion for doctoral students. Proof of completion will be provided to the Graduate Records Administrator prior to April 1 for Spring Convocation and October 1 for Fall Convocation. Additionally, when a student successfully defends their master's thesis or doctoral dissertation at the Oral Examiniation, the supervisor will sign off that the student has completed all ethics requirements.