The resources of the University of Alberta Library System comprise one of the major research collections in Canada. The system consists of 13 subject collections with a total of over 3,600,000 volumes, 734,000 government documents, 18,000 serial subscriptions, and a large collection of research materials in microfilm. The Education Library (Herbert T Coutts Library) has a research level collection capable of sustaining advanced graduate work in education and educational psychology. It includes the major psychological indexes and abstracts, and all major educational indexes and abstracts. Library services include an extensive orientation and reference program as well as online searching of all major education and psychology databases. Workshops for graduate students, library tours, and orientation classes and seminars designed to assist students and faculty in the use of recent technology are all provided by library staff. The Department of Educational Psychology maintains a Test Library. The Test Library contains the most recent tests and references to tests and testing in the program areas of the Department and is available to students registered in our graduate programs.