Dr. Harley speaks at EPL Oct. 5

Take advantage of this opportunity to attend a FREE talk by our Dr. Jason Harley at the Idylwylde EPL branch on "Getting Past the 'Post' in Truth."
Oct. 5, 7:00 pm
Idylwylde (Bonnie Doon) Branch
Light refreshments served!

From EPL: While many have called contemporary times the "post-truth era", there are also signs that truth is on the cusp of rising from the ashes. It's just a matter of time and honing our skills to address the unique challenges we now face in the pursuit of information. News about the world around us might be more accessible than ever, but what counts as news? Who creates fake news? Why? And what can we do about it? Join Dr. Harley for a discussion of these questions and how answering them can help lead us out of the post-truth era and harness (rather than fall victim to) the unprecedented opportunities for learning, sharing, and connecting that are just a tap away.