Program Evaluation

Check out the full evaluation report of the first three cohorts of the MEdHSE Program:

Evaluation of the Master of Education in Health Sciences Education Program, Final Evaluation Report, December 2016, Prepared by Barrington Research Group, Inc.

This study is the first evaluation of the Master of Education in Health Sciences Education (MEd in HSE) Program and came at the request of the Program Director. It reviewed the first five-years of the program (2010-2015) and included its first three cohorts or a total of 43 students and graduates. Because of the short duration of the program, the evaluation was formative and developmental in nature. We focused on identifying and measuring needs & expectations, program content & delivery, short-term outcomes and impacts, and program sustainability.

“Findings of this first external evaluation are highly positive.”

“Overall, we conclude that the MEd in HSE program is demonstrating great early success.”

BRG Evaluation Team

Gail V. Barrington, PhD, FCMC, CE, Senior Evaluation Consultant

Frederic Bertrand, MSc, CE, Evaluation Consultant

Taoting Li, BMgmt, MScMgmt, Research and Evaluation Specialist