Doctoral Program

Program Requirements

Students interested in pursuing a Doctoral of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Measurement, Evaluation, and Cognition must complete:

A minimum of seven three-credit courses including the following three required courses:

●  EDPY 604 Mixed Methods Approaches to Educational Research *3

●  EDPY 605 Quantitative Methods II (formerly EDPY 605 Multivariate Statistics)  *3

●  EDPY 607 Measurement Theory II (formerly EDPY 508 Item Response Theory) *3

The remaining four courses are determined, in conjunction with the dissertation supervisor, by the student's interests.  Normally, coursework is completed by the end of Year 2.  Following the completion of a first-year probationary period and coursework, the student must pass an oral candidacy examination, and then conduct, write and defend a dissertation. The PhD program is only available for full-time study.

General Application Information

How To Apply

Program Deadlines

General Admission Requirements & Criteria

Program Coordinator

Ying Cui
(780) 492-3848

Program Staff

Bulut, Okan
Cui, Ying
Cutumisu, Maria
Gierl, Mark J.
King, Sharla
Poth, Cheryl

*Please note that when selecting an academic supervisor, you may visit the Faculty page to view all our professors to find a suitable match for your research interests.