Master's Program

Admission Requirements

Students applying for the Master's Program must:

  1. have obtained a four-year baccalaureate degree in psychology or education, or its equivalent, offered by a recognized degree-granting institution of higher education in Canada, a regional accredited institution of higher education in the United States, or a University in another country acceptable to the Admissions Committee.
  2. have completed at least 21 credits of undergraduate coursework in psychology and/or educational psychology.
  3. have acquired practical experience in the application of school and/or clinical child psychology (e.g., classroom volunteer, hospital or community volunteer related to school and child psychology).
  4. provide three letters of reference; two of which must be from someone can comment on the applicant's scholarly skills and potential, and one of which must be from someone who can comment on the applicant's school and/or clinical child psychology skills and potential.
  5. provide a statement of intent answering the following three questions:
a. How have your professional experiences prepared you for a program that specializes in both school and clinical child psychology
b. How have your previous research experiences prepared you for a master's program focusing on a scientist-practitioner model? 
c. What research would you like to undertake during your master's degree and how could it be tailored to fit with at least two faculty members, at least one of whom is in the SCCP area. Faculty listed here

Admission decisions are made based on a relative ranking of all applicants in the following six categories: 1) previous academic record; 2) academic background in area of interest; 3) relevant practical experience; 4) research experience; 5) match with content area; 6) letters of recommendation.

Please note categories 3-5 are extracted primarily from your statement of intent.

Program Requirements

The SCCP Masters degree is thesis-based. Normally, this program is taken over two academic years, with the maximum time allowed to complete the program being four years. Due to the intensive nature of the practicum requirements associated with the SCCP program, students may not register for two practicum courses (denoted with an *) in the same term.

Effective Fall 2014, students must complete the following required courses and a thesis. Students may be required to take additional courses, as determined by their academic supervisor. For example, students who have insufficient preparation to take EDPY 505, may be required to take EDPY 500 Introduction to Data Analysis in Educational Research as an additional course.

Required Courses - Year 1

Fall Term

  • EDPY 507 (*3) Measurement Theory I
  • EDPY 523 (*3) The Practice of School and Clinical Child Psychology
  • EDPY 536 (*3) Ethical and Professional Issues in Psychological Practice

Winter Term

  • EDPY 501 (*3) Introduction to Methods of Educational Research
  • EDPY 521 (*3) Foundations of Psychological Assessment
  • EDPY 527 (*3) School and Clinical Based Intervention

Required Courses - Year 2

Fall Term

  • EDPY 505 (*3) Quantitative Methods I
  • EDPY 517 (*3) Child/Adolescent Development Theories and Issues
  • EDPY 518 (*3) Individual Psychological Assessment: Psycho-Educational Foundations 

Winter Term

  • EDPY 519 (*3) Individual Psychological Assessment: School and Clinical Applications  
  • EDPY 614 (*3) Social and Emotional Development 
  • EDPY 528 (*3) Foundation of Child and Adolescent Intervention 

Last updated: November 2016

General Application Information

School & Clinical Child Psychology Handbook

School & Clinical Child Psychology Program Brochure

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How To Apply 

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General Admission Requirements & Criteria


Director of Training, Program Coordinator

Dr. Damien Cormier

Program Staff

Dr. Damien Cormier
Dr. Lia Daniels
Dr. Yuanyuan Jiang
Dr. Jacqueline P Leighton
Dr. Martin Mrazik
Dr. Phillip Sevigny
Dr. Jacqueline Pei
Dr. Christina Rinaldi

SCCP Clinical Supervisor

Graduate Student Services

Please direct admissions questions, program inquiries, etc., to

*Please note that when selecting an academic supervisor, you may visit the Faculty page to view all our professors to find a suitable match for your research interests.