Master's Program

Program Requirements

Graduate programs in Special Education provide students with skills required by the professional educator to deal with the educational, psychological, and social needs of children. Students have a choice of completing either a course-based or a thesis-based MEd in Special Education.

Course-based MEd in Special Education consists of *24 of required graduate level coursework (*18 required courses as negotiated with the program Supervisor, and *3 EDPY 501 and *3 capping exercise).

Thesis-based MEd in Special Education consists of *15 of required graduate level coursework and a thesis.


Before entering the Master’s program, students must have recently completed an introductory course in Special Education or inclusion equivalent to EDPY 301 (Introduction to Inclusive Education: Adapting Classroom Instruction for Students with Special Needs) or EDPY 401 (Assessment and Instruction of Students with Special Needs).

Submission Dates

Course-Based: Applications for the next cohort program focusing on reading, writing, and oral language disabilities must be submitted between October 15, 2017 and January 15, 2018. This program runs every two years. See below for details.

For other course-based programs, please contact the Program Coordinator.

Thesis-Based: Applications are accepted every year and must be submitted by January 15 for July or September start.

Course-Based Master’s Program on Reading, Writing, and Oral Language Disabilities

Next Admission in Summer 2018; first course in August 2018.

We are planning to offer the following program of courses to a cohort of students (minimal enrolment of 15) who are expected to progress through the courses between Summer 2016 and Spring 2018. The students admitted to the program are expected to take one course at a time for two years. With the exception of the first course for which the students are expected to come to the university for two weeks in the summer 2016, the rest of the courses are offered online.

Required Courses

(7 three-credit courses plus capping exercise)

  • EDPY 556: Problems and Issues in Special Education (Summer 2016) 
  • EDPY 501: Introduction to Methods of Educational Research (Fall 2016)
  • EDPY 597: Oral Language Difficulties: From Assessment to Intervention (Fall 2016/Winter 2017) 
  • EDPY 597: Word Reading Difficulties: From Assessment to Intervention (Winter 2018) 
  • EDPY 597: Reading Comprehension Difficulties: From Assessment to Intervention (Summer 2017) 
  • EDPY 597: Writing Difficulties: From Assessment to Intervention (Fall 2017)
  • EDPY 597: Complex Cases: From Assessment to Intervention (Fall 2017/Winter 2018) 
  • EDPY 903: Capping Exercise (Winter 2018)

 Thesis-Based Master’s Program 

Students applying to this program are expected to complete 5 three-credit courses (15 credits) and a thesis. The applicants are advised to contact their prospective supervisor prior to submitting their application.

Required Courses

  • EDPY 500: Introduction to Data Analysis in Educational Research (or an equivalent in consultation with the student’s supervisor)
  • EDPY 501: Introduction to Methods of Educational Research

Elective Courses

The students are expected to enrol in 3 (3 credit) courses in consultation with their supervisor.

Application Checklist


General Application Information

How To Apply

Program Deadlines

General Admission Requirements & Criteria

Program Coordinator

Denyse Hayward
(780) 248-2019

Program Staff

Brown, Heather
Georgiou, George
Hayward, Denyse
McInnes, Alison
McQuarrie, Lynn
Parrila, Rauno

*Please note that when selecting an academic supervisor, you may visit the Faculty page to view all our professors to find a suitable match for your research interests.